By their generosity, our benefactors participate in our ministry and make our work possible. You join forces with us when you volunteer to help us with a particular project. When you pray with us and for us, you support our efforts. By assisting us financially, you free us to use our time, our energy, our gifts and our training to further the mission of the Ursulines of Brown County.

Financial gift opportunities:

  • Cash Gifts - Cash gifts, usually made by check, are always welcome. They may be designated for specific or current needs according to the wishes of the donor.
  • Gifts of Appreciated Stock - Stocks may be transferred by sending the stock certificate to the Ursulines or may be sent directly to our broker electronically.
  • Charitable Gift Annunity - A charitable gift annuity is a simple agreement between you and the Ursuline Sisters which guarantees you fixed payments for life. At the time of your death the principal is used by the Ursulines to further our ministry. There are many tax advantages and benefits when you fund an annuity. Rates are dependent on your age.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust - You may transfer money or assets to a trustee to be held for the benefit of the Ursuline Sisters. While you are still alive, the trustee pays an income to you. If a spouse or other designated person survives you, the income may also extend over that person's lifetime. A substantial income tax deduction results from the establishment of a trust. If the trust is funded with assets, there are no capital gains taxes on the property when it is transferred to the trust, and at the death of the last income beneficiary, the trust will end and the proceeds will be used to further the ministry of the Ursuline Sisters.
  • Gifts of Life Insurance Policies - By purchasing a new policy and naming the Ursulines of Brown County as owner and beneficiary, future premiums paid by the donor are deductible the same as cash contributions. If a paid-up policy which has outlived its original purpose is donated to the Ursuline Sisters, the donor can deduct the replacement value of the policy.
  • Gifts of Retirement Assets - Bequeathing retirement plan assets to the Ursuline Sisters will allow you to make a large gift without tax consequences that would burden your heirs.
  • Bequests - You may choose to remember the Ursulines of Brown County in your will by designating a specific dollar amount. Another way is to leave us a percentage of your estate or the residue of your estate after you have provided for your family. If your will is already completed.

Use this form* for sending cash gifts. (*.pdf file requires Adobe Acrobat) and mail to:

Sister Agatha Fitzgerald
Development Office
20860 State Route 251
St. Martin, OH 45118

(513) 875-2020 ext. 23 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.