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Ursuline Companions

Companions are men and women, students and retirees who support the Ursuline charism and enjoy spending time with the sisters and each other learning, praying, and writing. Opportunities are always available for other topics and for service projects. All are welcome. Provide your contact information, including e-mail if you have it, to someone from the contact list in order to be notified of events.

The Companion Group, led by the Core Team Sr. Lucia Castellini, Erna Dennis, Dolores Berish, Jean McNamara, and Sue Hamann, offers three monthly small group meetings: Lectio Divina Bible Study, Spiritual Journaling, and Autobiography. In addition Companions are invited to St. Angela Feast Day and other meetings with extended groups of sisters and companions. Throughout the year there are several topical Saturday workshops. There is an Annual Companion Reflection Day at Chatfield on a Saturday in the fall.

Being an Ursuline Companion has greatly enriched many lives and deepened our connection with God.